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Population of the City of Vukovar, Vukovar-Syrmian County and Osječko-Baranjska County

According to the census of 2011, the City of Vukovar had 27.683 inhabitants, of which 14.942 are women and 12.741 men. Of the total population, 26.468 or 95,35% live in the city of Vukovar, while the remainder (4,34%) live in Lipovača and Sotin, which have the characteristics of rural areas.

The number of work-able inhabitants (ages 15-64) in 2011 was 18.367, but in 2001 there were 20.826. The number of inhabitants in Vukovar was reduced by 3.987 (12,59%) between these two census reports, 25.247 (12,33%) in the VS County, and 25.474 (7,70%) in the OB County. The data is presented in table 4.

The average age in the city of Vukovar in 2011 was 43,8 years, and the ageing index is 151,5 (191,7 women, 113,2 men). The agein index for the Vukovar-Syrmian County was 98,3[1]Source: Demographic study of the City of Vukovar: determinants, characteristics, and perspectives in population movement and development - Phase I of the project, Ivo Pilar Institute, Vukovar, February 2012.

Table  Number of inhabitants in the City of Vukovar, VS County and OB County (2011 vs  2001)

No. of inhabitants in


No. of inhabitants in 2011


City of Vukovar




Vukovar-Syrmian County




Osječko-Baranjska County




Source: Data of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (
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