Vision, Mission, Goals

  • Vision

    It is the vision of the Business Innovation Centre BIC-Vukovar to increase competitiveness in small and medium businesses in the area of the City of Vukovar and VS County with the use of new technologies and the commercialization of innovations and thereby impact the creation of sustainable jobs.

  • Mission

    The mission of the Business Innovation Centre BIC-Vukovar is to support the development of small and medium businesses by providing business space and providing business and other services in the most critical stages of company development and thus participate in the economic development of the City of Vukovar and the Vukovar-Syrmian County and in the reduction of unemployment in the region.

  • Goals

    - Increase employment by creating spin-off and innovational start-up companies;
    - Reduce the time needed to found and grow a company and make these process more cost-efficient;
    - Increase the number of companies remaining in the market;
    - Increase research, development and innovation activities in the business sector;
    - Increase exports of high tech products and business internationalisation;
    - Incentivize broader and more effective co-operation between the business and academic research sectors;
    - Develop human capital and skills;
    - Attract domestic and foreign investments. .

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