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Services of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Innovation (CIP)

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The Centre for entrepreneurial innovation is intended for existing small, innovational businesses with growth potential who have insufficient funds nor the need for building their own business space. Attracting these into the area of the Centre under favourable leasing conditions and additional services will create a critical mass of innovational entrepreneurs. Their further activities to increase competitiveness can transform them into bearers of future economic growth for the city of Vukovar, and such entrepreneurs will build the capacity for independent representation in foreign markets, or become suppliers to multinational corporations (including companies residing in BIC Vukovar).

Initial occupants of the Centre will be attracted from existing innovational companies operating in the Vukovar-Syrmian County.

Favourable conditions, quality of service and promotional activities will attempt to attract innovational companies from the broader region. The later stages will be marked by an ever increasing proportion of CIP occupants represented by companies who have undergone incubation in the Entrepreneurial Incubator and outgrown its frame. Newly founded companies can also become CIP occupants, for companies which are not suited for assignment to the Incubator for objective reasons (such as the need for a larger space).

Business spaces in CIP will be leased with privileged pricing to innovational and technologically-oriented companies.

CIP occupants will have all BIC services at their disposal (common office equipment, conference hall and equipment, manufactoring and expo area within the auspices of BIC Vukovar). For the purpose of increasing competitiveness and networking of CIP occupants (and networking with other companies and research institutions), various additional projects will be initiated and implemented at CIP. The goal of such projects will be either to acquire additional knowledge or other resources (such as finding partners for competing on the foreign market) or capital.

Individual projects that will feature CIP companies include the following domains: research and development (co-operation with VEVU and nearby Universities as well as other research institutions with the co-financing of domestic and international sources, the development of innovational clusters (co-operation with other innovational companies and Universities), technology transfer (in co-operation with Universities and other research institutions), internationalisation (support when breaking into foreign markets), financing (contracting credit lines under privileged conditions for occupants), mergers and acquisitions (looking for strategic partners).
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