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Services of the Education Centre

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The Education Centre will organise all types of training necessary for occupants, users and partners of BIC Vukovar. The fundamental activities will feature themed seminars and workships according to the observed needs of the entrepreneurs - occupants of the Centre, and recommendations by mentors. Part of the training can be conducted in other spaces as well, depending on the type of the training and availability of space. Qualification and re-qualification programmes will be organised in co-operation with trade schools, according to the needs of companies in the Centre. Professional conferences will also be organised, in order to network occupants of the Centre and develop relationships with external partners.

Most common educational needs according to the type of programme and development phase of the user



Subject of the training

Potential entrepreneurs/students

Pre-incubation programme

Basics of entrepreneurship; Business Idea Development; Legal business forms; Creating a business plan; Basics of intellectual ownership.


Incubation programme

Creating a business plan; Sources of start-up funding; Feasibility analysis of the business plan - business venture evaluation methods; Basics of marketing for entrepreneurs; Basics of intellectual ownership; Defining an organisational structure; Quality management; Project management.

Small innovational companies

Centre for innovational entrepreneurship

Project management; How to prepare a successful EU project; Strategic planning; Associating into a cluster; Product commercialisation; Sales skills; Business communication skills; Sources of funding.

Medium and potentially large companies

Production centre

Qualification/requalification; Project management; How to prepare a successful EU project; Strategic planning; Sales skills; Business communication skills; Associating into a cluster; How to export; Activity at fairs/expos; Negotiation.

High-school students; existing employees

Training centre for advanced CNC technologies

CNC operator training.

Source: Consultant research.
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